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Our commitment


Madam, Sir,

We are pleased to welcome you to the Grands Pigalle Hotel.

Since its creation in 2015, we give a central place to the respect of the environment from the design of spaces and the choice of materials, and we implement everything daily to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment.

This charter was developed with our teams, we propose concrete actions that we have tested and approved together, without compromising your welcome and comfort during your stay with us - on the contrary!  


- Our environmental manager has followed a specific training on the stakes of sustainable tourism, environmental protection and CSR;

- Our teams are trained to respect eco-actions in their daily tasks;

- We choose our providers and suppliers according to their sustainable and social commitments;

- We provide our customers with an educational display encouraging eco-friendly actions.

- We offer alternatives to limit car travel in Paris: information on Vélib stations, public transport routes, ecological vehicles.  


- We have installed water savers/pressure reducers on our taps and showers to save water;

- We check our water and electricity consumption meters every month to better manage our usage;

- We have installed a water collector to water the green spaces and thus limit the use of drinking water.

- We replace each bulb with a low-energy bulb and have already equipped more than 75% of our lighting;

- All of our lighting is LED, which allows energy savings and a similar comfort for our customers.

- We have installed presence detectors / timers in the common areas / corridors to limit energy waste;

- We are committed to the development of renewable energy (signing a contract with a green energy supplier).    


We have set up waste garbage baskets in the rooms to encourage waste sorting;

Our common areas are equipped with a pre-collection bag;

- We sort all types of waste : batteries, bulbs, ink cartridges...;
- We work with a majority of products in bulk or in large packaging to limit unnecessary packing;

- We offer hygiene and beauty products in plastic free or recycled plastic packaging;
- We set up educational displays to help our customers in their eco-friendly actions in accordance with local regulations;
- We offer water filtered by a specialised partner to provide the best still and sparkling water in the restaurant and in the rooms, avoiding any unnecessary transport, storage and creation of waste.


- We offer vegetarian dishes in the restaurant menu and vegan on request, local and seasonal products, and we adapt to certain special diets;

- The menus of our restaurants/snacks propose organic and/or fair trade products. - The products used for the maintenance of the facilities are ecolabelled, which offers a better quality of air and less risks for health;

- For the well-being of our teams and yours, we have banned bleach, which is irritating to the respiratory tract and toxic. We use ozonated water for the cleaning of the establishment;  


- We have partnerships with local recycling centers and donate our former equipment/furniture.

- We have set up partnerships with solidarity and ecological associations allowing you to support their actions.

- Each year, we commit to new criteria to perfect our approach, do not hesitate to send us your suggestions!

Thank you in advance for supporting us in our approach during your stay.

Proudly labeled Green Key since 2021, do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about our actions.

april, 2020
april, 2020
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What are the measures in Paris ? 

Currently, the government has put in place new measures in order to prevent the spread and contraction of COVID-19 virus : 

  • A curfew from 9 pm to 6 am has been introduced from Saturday 22 October 2020 for a minimum of 4 weeks. 
  • Restaurants are open within the curfew limits. Bars are closed 
  • Museums and historical monuments are open within curfew limits.
  • Theatres and Operas are open within curfew limits. 
  • Public transport are working as well as the airports and train stations. 

For up-to-date information, we advise you to go directly go to the website :

  1. The Hotel situation 

What health protocol have you set up in your establishment ? 

In view of the situation, a health protocol has been developed, in line with government recommendations.

Here are the measures we have put in place to ensure hygiene and disinfection processes : 

  • All rooms and common areas were disinfected before the hotel opened. 
  • The common areas (reception, restaurant, door handles, lifts, switches, etc.) are cleaned every 3 hours with Ozonated Water. This virucidal product respects government standards and the environment. 
  • A follow-up of the cleaning of common areas is set up and can be consulted at the hotel reception desk.
  • Rooms are blocked 24 hours after a guest's departure. 
  • The keys are cleaned after each deposit at the reception desk.
  • Masks, hydraulic gel and gloves are available for our teams and our customers. 
  • The teams were trained on barrier gestures and the importance of disinfection processes.

Are the teams trained to deal with this situation ? 

The protection of our teams as well as that of our guests is an essential element for us. All our teams have been trained in the new Covid procedures and are informed in real time of the new government directives. 

For more details on our procedures please refer to the section "What health protocol have you implemented in your establishment ? »

  1. My stay

How do I cancel, postpone or make a reservation? 

Our cancellation policies have been modified to bring maximum flexibility to all our guests. Our flexible offers are now cancellable until the day before arrival, 2pm.

Our team is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about your future bookings either by email to or by telephone on +33 (0)1 85 73 12 00. 

Do you have gel or masks available for your guests?

For the well-being and safety of all, hydro-alcoholic gels are available in each room, at the lifts on each floor as well as at the reception and in the restaurant. Masks are also available in case of forgetfulness at the reception.

Do you have a catering service? 

Always in compliance with government regulations, our restaurant, Frenchie Pigalle, adapts to welcome you in the best conditions. We offer you a breakfast directly served in your table on the restaurant or in your room. We offer the same service as well durong our Tea-time from 11am to 5.30pm. Dinner is served in the restaurant or in your room from 6:30 pm to 11pm.